A Money-Management Guide for Students


“Susan Knox’s Financial Basics is essential reading for any student attending college. Along with a good hug, parents should give this book to their sons or daughters when they begin college. It does not matter whether it is a residential experience or they are living at home and commuting. Every college student will benefit. In addition to providing practical and valuable advice, presented in a very readable format, Financial Basics is a seatbelt against financial problems.”

—Myles Brand-President, NCAA, former President Indiana University and University of Oregon

“Students have a great deal to manage in their lives away from home— from their coursework to relationships to personal decisions—one of which is how to manage their finances. This book provides credible examples to head off problems and engages both students and their families in preemptive planning not only for college but also for life.

A must for parents and students.”

—Karen A. Holbrook, President, The Ohio State University

Financial Basics has the potential to make an enormous difference in the lives of college students. Research shows that financial problems present some of the biggest obstacles students face in achieving academic success, or even being able to stay in school. Ms. Knox has written a very helpful and accessible guide; it should be required reading for everyone heading off to college. Or for that matter, for anyone who’s finding that money problems are tripping them up in their efforts to live effective lives.”

—Martha Garland, Dean of Accademic Affairs, The Ohio State University

“ Financial Basics: A Money-Management Guide for Students by Susan Knox is an engaging and insightful primer aimed to help young people learn to manage their finances. This book will give practical advice to help the reader avoid many of the common problems encountered by young people who, for the first time in their lives, are responsible for managing their income and expenses. Financial education is sorely missing in our culture. Many parents have poor money management skills. I think that Financial Basics should be a standard part of a college’s new student orientation program. Financial difficulties is a significant cause of students dropping out of college. Susan Knox’s book will help colleges retain students by providing the basic tools needed to effectively manage one’s finances.”

—Jim White, Director, Student Financial Services, Seattle University

“After graduating from college I watched my credit card debt grow each month as I learned to deal with a new set of responsibilities. I felt out of control, with no idea how to manage money. I read many books on the subject. Susan Knox’s guide is the only one that really made sense to me. The stories are engaging. The tips are easy to understand and achievable. Her book gave me the tools I needed to feel powerful about my finances. Now, two years later I am debt free and building a solid future thanks to Financial Basics.

— Julie Stonefelt, Evergreen State College, class of 2001

“ Financial Basics is a must-read for every college-bound student who wishes to avoid the disastrous pitfalls that have claimed so many. By sharing the stories of real students, Susan Knox has gone well beyond describing financial hazards. She has arrived at real solutions.”

—K. J. (Gus) Kravas, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Student Relations, University of Washington

“Whoever said a CPA can’t write for a general audience, especially a young one? They’re wrong. Susan Knox has hit a home run. The personal stories draw the reader in. We can all relate to every mistake we, our kids, our students, or friends ever made. Each chapter and paragraph is relevant and important. I especially like the way Chapter 13 ties it all together. Doing what Knox suggests can be a life-changing event.”

—David A. Lieberman, Senior Vice President for Business & Finance, University of Miami

“This book is a must-have for all incoming freshmen or for anyone who wants to finally learn the true basics of personal finance. By sharing her story and stories of others, Susan Knox has made the journey in successful money management real and understandable.”

—Anne H. Chasser, Commissioner, United States Patent and Trademark Office

“The summer before my senior year at Ohio State, Susan Knox asked me to review her manuscript on financial planning for college students. The book contained so much valuable information, in addition to helpful hints, money management, credit and saving strategies . . . it was exactly what I needed to learn about being a smart personal financial manager. My only regret was that I didn’t have all this important information when I started college! I would have made much better financial decisions during my four years at Ohio State.”

—Katie Chasser Coakley, The Ohio State University, class of 2003